Labelling for Saved Password Suggestions

I would like to request the ability to add identifying labels to the password suggestions that Brave automatically generates and saves.

As a Brave user with many accounts, when I go to log in to a site, I see a long list of suggested passwords to choose from with no indications of what account or site they correspond to. This makes it very difficult to pick the right set of saved credentials.

I propose that users should be able to label each password suggestion with the name of the account it belongs to.

These identifying labels would enable all of us as Brave users to:

  • Clearly tell which credentials match our accounts
  • Quickly and seamlessly select the right password to log in
  • Reduce confusion when logging into our various sites and services

I believe adding the option to label Brave’s saved password suggestions would make the password manager more user-friendly for the wider Brave community. For those of us with many accounts, it would save time and frustration.

Please vote to help prioritize this useful quality of life improvement for Brave’s built-in password features. Thank you for considering!