Kyc verified still not getting paid

I am kyc verified at uphold and my uphold is connected still I am not getting paid my tokens
And I am from India I cannot view ads yet?

@shiladitya ads viewing is not available in India and when the your verify kyc

Kyc verified nearly 1 month back I dont remember the date I but it is approx 1 month @Dgenies I again checked and I am 90 percent sure it is approx 1 month back can you help plz?

Approx 1 month back I suppose in fact am 90 percent sure

okay @asad for assistance

Ya sent him message already

Am sure he is on the case

Still no solution given

wait are you located in a us sanctioned country? I know uphold won’t payout to such countries. if no i would advise you wait till june 8. I promise to personally remind him as the day gets closer. Please pm me for a reminder of my promise

I dont know whether am located in us sanctioned country list or not coz am located in India as far as I am concerned there r some other Indians who r getting paid BAT tokens from Brave

@shiladitya please be patient it should be resolved by the next payment schedule.

The Ads program is not active in India yet. It is only currently active in a few selected regions. :slight_smile: We will be adding support soon! It’s definitely not sanctioned or anything like that.

Ya I understand that but the problem is am not getting my BAT tokens paid at uphold although am kyc verified yes publisher but I dont understand why am not paid neither got any tokens for this month too something fishy going with brave

@shiladitya do you have a publisher account?

Just a reminder I am yet to get paid at my uphold account although am kyc verified there

And I have not received this month token at my brave rewards

Original poster opened a new thread here Am kyc verified still no pay