Kyc not worth the rewards we earn

Wahala for who wan read terms and conditions oo :joy:

I know, lol. Average person just clicks “I Agree” and doesn’t read. But when it comes time for legal, that bites you in the butt.

Btw, even though it’s far from perfect, there are websites that can help to summarize ToS for you. One such site is which when you look at Brave, you’ll see them list the below:

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Taking away the ability to chose who to support is also a deal breaker. There are too many content creators that are not worth the support.

Unproven and unknown third party’s like Uphold or Gemini should not be the default. I refuse deal with them. From what I read from others, Gemini is completely untrustworthy.

I don’t see any reason to defend this decision by Brave.

Simply because there are a lot of those who kept ads on up to this point dose not mean that it can’t change.


automatic donations are based on the sites you visit and time spent there. so if you want to ensure that bat goes to a certain creator just spend a lot of time on their content.

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So, there you have it.
The billionaires, and their soul selling flunkies, saw this coming and used legalese to protect themselves.
No bait and switch lawsuits need apply.

We will have to hope that enough folks turn off rewards to impact the bottom line.

I like that the excuse is ‘the gov’t made us do it’, that is laughable in an open source software environment.
The gov’t can only control that which is controlled by a central authority.
Only centralized services can be subpoenaed, truly decentralized software runs in the wild and cannot be controlled, ala,

No central party to throw in jail for valuing freedom over slavery.
No billionaires to enrich by giving them your data to sell for their profits.
Just free, open source software running in the wild.

Good luck, brave team, hopefully this landmine you’ve stepped on changes your attitude towards bending over for those that will kill you to stay in charge.

I know I’m not having it.
My rewards will stay on until I lose control over them, and then they go off.
I will give them to people that thumb their noses at being controlled by rich/violent people.


Crypto laws are strict. I reference a lot at PSA: Current FAQ - #27 by Saoiray We can argue that they should be doing something other than crypto, but crypto and Web3 is the core of everything Brave is about.

but crypto and Web3 is the core of everything Brave is about.

I can’t tell, you folded on the first test.
Apparently, with forethought.

The struggle for freedom is never easy, if it was, we would have it already.
Instead, folks bend over at the slightest threat of discomfort.
Good to know that includes the brave team.

Not that this is unique in the population, most folks are too scared to do what they know is the right thing to do.
They willingly pay 30%, or more, of their income to keep the bullies up off of them.

Better a comfortable slavery than a painful freedom.
I get it, I just can’t do it.
I don’t need money that bad.


What you have to ask yourself is do you want freedom?
Does having a boss equate to freedom?
Does being told what to do on pain of imprisonment look like freedom to you?

IF you don’t mind bending over for peanuts, embrace your slavery.
I can’t do that.
I won’t do that.
I thought I had an ally in brave.
I don’t think that now.
Now I think the corporate overlords have f’d this up, too.


This is seriously making me reconsider using Brave.

I’m not signing up and giving my information to some rando company I know nothing about.


has disappeared apparently


Have you even read through those terms in detail? There is not a single clause protecting Brave against what they are doing. Yes they define plenty of risks and the like but not one of them are the risk of them just taking your vBats back because you’re unable to cash them out as they provided no such way to do it.

I personally believe there is more than enough legal grounds for a case i this instance.


Yes, I did.

Yes, there is. I even quoted some above.

They aren’t “taking vBAT.” They are stopping support for vBAT. Everyone has been given notice and you have until the stated time to either use the vBAT or to connect to a custodial partner and have the vBAT converted to BAT. Anyone who does neither will lose it.

You can believe all you want. I know with absolute certainty that it’s not. If you have the time and money, perhaps you should try to sit down with a lawyer at some point if they’ll be willing to hear you out and look. They’ll tell you clear as day there’s nothing there.

They are not taking the vBAT but they also made it impossible to withdraw it. I have a verified Uphold wallet and cannot withdraw my vBATS so stop making as if every user can just link a wallet and withdraw, this is not the case and you guys know this. In reality most loyal users will lose the vBats they have accumulated, vBats Brave were paid for by the advertisers.

For over two years now Brave have been promising alternative wallet solutions and so far nothing have materialised.

In regards to the parts of the terms and conditions you quoted, I asked you whether you read them as not a single one deals with what is happening with the vBats at this stage. Clearly you have not but who cares, I’m done with Brave, I will honestly do my utmost to name ad same Brave at every opportunity I get.


What if I am on a site I don’t support?
I don’t get to not send them bat?
Is the plan to force people into echo chambers?

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sure, turn off ads, then you won’t be auto contributing to anyone.


Turn off auto contribution. Brave browser is no longer worth anyone there are better ad blocking browser which are better than brave in many way. Also brave isn’t so called private they mention themselves they sell our data to sites like uphold and gemini and other sites where they get ads from.
Whatever they say to defend themselves brave isn’t best browser out there in any way possible.


They just want to keep all ads money for themselves and also want to help their so called friends trading website to sell our data.
Really worth nothing there are better browser than brave like Vivaldi, Via, 1DM and many more which are better than false promises brave made.


Did you see that your other posts in this forum is being flagged and blocked? Just saw one. Clearly Brave do not like the fact that they are being taken on in their own forum about the token theft.

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Best is switch to an alternative like Vivaldi. No ads, just as fast and serious about users privacy. Also have a built in calendar and email and plenty more features than Brave and it is just as fast and fully open source.

Miles ahead of Brave in my personal opinion.


brave… shame shame shame
banding someone for calling you out for privacy concerns