Kudos and strange location for installation files



First, let me say that the privacy and security features in Brave are second to none: browser fingerprinting, one-stop neutering of JavaScript, ad-blocker, etc. Wonderful!

But installation is kinda strange. Perhaps there is an option to avoid it, but I’ve never seen a browser install into AppData, as compared to the usual Program Files. This means that only the installer can run Brave. If I missed an option, then my point is still valid because the default installation should go into Program Files. And maybe I have not taken my medication for today, but it seems like there are many files here and there. Can’t installation files go into Program Files / Brave and individual stuff go into user / AppData / Local?


If I cannot change the installation location for a program other than my operating system then I just simply do not use it. Can you please create a choice for installation location in the installer? There are very good reasons the current install method is a bad one.