Known Brave Rewards bug being fixed - negative BAT balance

To those experiencing a negative balance or sporadic BAT loss within the past 24hrs, there is a known bug that is currently being diagnosed and fixed by the Brave Rewards Dev team.

If you were affected by this bug, please know that there will be no permanent BAT loss, and that your balance will be correctly updated as soon as the fix is implemented.

Thank you,

The Brave Rewards Team


Same problem sir original balance is 22.80 bat after 2 week I will see balance -19. 00 bat what happened

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As I’ve posted in the past I’ve been having problems with the Brave Rewards for six months. Last month I received NO Rewards

Hi @Dolan_T - please DM me your rewards internals. Thank you in advance!

@steeven by internals what exactly do you refer?

Hi @steeven
Does the problem also affect receiving announcements ?, because I have not effectively received announcements since yesterday, if so, I hope the problem will be solved soon

Hi @Dolan_T - brave://rewards-internals/

@Dolan_T Steven ask you to send the info via DM. Login to this site, click Steven username > Message.

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