Knitpicky details request


I’ve been using Brave on an off for a few weeks. Finally decided to make it my main desktop browser but wanted to give just a few knitpicky requests for what I would like to see changed.

I am using a the destop browser on Mac.

  • When there is one tab open, hide the tab bar. (Love the theme color detail for the tabs by the way)
  • Put the close button on the left of the tab. All other close buttons on Mac are on the left.
  • Smaller forehead for more window room (I’ve already done “smaller” under advnaced). So overall thinner, but also conceal the bookmarks until your cursor hovers over the top. Similar to a hidden dock or something. No browser does this but I would really like that.
  • Command + shift + N for private window instead of p to match other browsers. Or both is fine, P does make more sense but people are still trying to figure out your browser, may has well keep those muscle memory shortcuts standard.
  • command + click opens a link in a new tab but it makes that new tab active. I would like the option for this to keep the original tab active. usually I new tab a bunch of things from a list to easily be able to compare them (hotels, restaurants on yelp, etc.) With the current functionality I have to new tab open one thing, click back, and open the next. Makes the whole task clunky.
  • Add 1password button in input field rather than having to go to the top right.
  • All new design for the preferences. They are good enough, but still kind of looks like they were designed by a savvy enough engineer.
  • Sync settings between desktop browsers. Currently only seems to be things like bookmarks.
  • Titles in the tabs aren’t vertically center, really drives me nuts.

I also have a ton of feedback on the mobile browser, I can’t really start using that yet because the design is too clunky, but I’ll hold on that since it’s really not full featured yet. (Not that desktop is, but seems closer.)

Overall, really love the browser and really really love the direction this takes advertising.

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