Killer idea for tabs


I honestly think this is a simple idea that can be simply fixed.

Having gone through issues people are having with tabs and the suggestion of tabs ideas I realised, literally every single browser has the same methodology for organising opened tabs, sure the session tabs is relatively new (which I’m still trying to get my head round) but still when a user/s opens more tabs that exceed the tab set or have multiple tabs sets it takes honestly in browser time much more time for a simple witch or change around.

So I immediately thought, after the top grey area is selected so the internal websites aren’t functional with the keyboard, why can’t the number keys be recognised as ‘tab sets’, just think about it, not
Another addition I thought that could be added to this is whilst a user is able to manage the ‘tab sets’ with the number keys, is that it would be even more brilliant if similarly to a piano if the user were to be able to arrange individual tabs in THE (sorry for the bold expression) ‘tabs set’ (not sets)

Perhaps whilst holding the Ctrl key down (is that tautological) and selecting the number keys depending on how many ‘tab sets’ a user has opened could be used to take control of the ‘tab sets’ and once a tab set is selected, letting go of the Ctrl key lets you control each individual tabs (again is that tautological, I’m trying not to think too much in case I forget about the idea)

So if a user had four tabs sets opened, holding down the Ctrl key and selecting number 4 would jump to that tab set and say for example a user has set 8 tabs to be presented in each tab set (Settings - Tabs settings) there’d be 32 tabs opened, right. So if a users wanted the seventh tab in the 4th tab set to be moved in the 2nd tab set, holding down the Ctrl and selecting 4 would jump to that tab set, then letting go of Ctrl and selecting seven would effectively take control of that tab and whilst that is on hold (highlighted or a better suggestion) re-selecting the Ctrl key and pushing number 2 will move it to that tabs set then letting go of the Ctrl key if a user choose could arrange to the tab moved from the 4th to the 2nd tab set along the line by selecting the any number between 1-8 (because she/he has preconfigured each tab set to contain 8 tabs)

I imagine this will fix several issue users are currently having with tearing of tabs especially when they didn’t intend to and were just scrolling/swiping through the tabs sets.
Another factor is that once implemented it will be very efficient considering users wouldn’t have to rely too much on the mouse.

Another tab suggestion

Hi @tomatoshadow2 just saw that you liked it; I added a bit at the bottom and was curious could you modify it it to make it better in anyway.


I think it looks very good the way you have it Numpty. Also, sorry I don’t seem to be able to edit your post for you.