400 bad request error (only on Brave browser, working fine on firefox and vivaldi browsers)

400 bad request (KickStreaming) error (fix request)


have had 400 bad request errors on (streaming site) for about a month now. used to be fine, but suddenly irreparable. no idea why it’s happening. i log into site, then refresh page, it logs me out instantly. after surfing for a minute or less more on the site, suddenly get “400 bad request” error.

only way i’ve found to TEMPORARILY fix, is to clear cookies using ‘lock’ icon on url bar. but the problem happens again within seconds of doing the same thing, surfing the site.

the site has no problem at all on firefox browser. also fine on vivaldi browser. why wouldn’t it be working suddenly on brave?

Please help? thank you. (screens attached, if they help)

Hey, i had same problem i found out it was because of extension called Hover Zoom+. For some reason if you have that extension it wont let you access