400 bad request error (only on Brave browser, working fine on firefox and vivaldi browsers)

400 bad request (KickStreaming) error (fix request)


have had 400 bad request errors on (streaming site) for about a month now. used to be fine, but suddenly irreparable. no idea why it’s happening. i log into site, then refresh page, it logs me out instantly. after surfing for a minute or less more on the site, suddenly get “400 bad request” error.

only way i’ve found to TEMPORARILY fix, is to clear cookies using ‘lock’ icon on url bar. but the problem happens again within seconds of doing the same thing, surfing the site.

the site has no problem at all on firefox browser. also fine on vivaldi browser. why wouldn’t it be working suddenly on brave?

Please help? thank you. (screens attached, if they help)


hover zoom plus devs on github have been informed that their extension/addon had this bug with

their temp solution is that users of their addon deactivate as an applicable url, using their addon’s options feature (under “sites” tab, in extension options)

this will allow hz+ to continue being used everywhere it isn’t causing issues, other than

they have also stated they’ve patched this error for their next addon version update, and clients will have to wait till that releases (no sense of time or date as to when that’ll be).

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