Keyring login at startup and motion sensor problem disconnecting internet

Folks, I don’t think this is the OP’s issue but I wanted to log something here as it is related and other people may come across this thread if they hit the Keyring issue.

Funny enough, something similar just happened to me with Brave on a Fedora device. (I didn’t lose Internet or anything like that; I just got prompted about an unlocked keyring.)

In my case it was because I started using biometrics (fingerprint) to unlock the device. Apparently, this does not unlock the GNOME Keyring. Maybe there’s a setting for it, haven’t looked yet.

But anyway, if I sign into the laptop with Password, it does unlock and I can access stored passwords without any further prompting. If I sign in using biometrics, the Keyring does NOT unlock, and when I open Brave, I get prompted.

I already uninstalled Chrome and I’m not putting it back, but I can test some more later with Chromium and Firefox and report back. I have to assume the behavior will be the same because the Keyring behavior is observable before opening any apps at all, it’s doubtful that any other app would be able to magically unlock it and may even be concerning if so.