Keyboard shortcuts in Korean language settings (not English). mac high sierra


I use brave on mac os and I’ve got some problems while using keyboard shortcuts.
For example, if I want to turn the tap off I can press ‘command + w’
But my keyboard is set in Korean it doesn’t work
I have to change it into english with 'command + space (this is a shortcut for a language change) and then I can use shortcuts.
I use shortcut for the convenience but it’s not now.
Can you solve this?

I’m not sure it is the right place to post this problem.
If it is wrong please tell me where I can post.


Thanks for reporting @ssh.daniel.

We have issue logged for this here

I’m not sure if it’ll be fixed soon. But likely it’ll be fixed with brave-core, v1.0 coming later this year.

Thank you


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