Keyboard shortcut @ dysfunction



I have a problem with writing the @ in Brave.
I am using a Norwegian keyboard layout. In this layout, the @ is written with: Alt gr + 2

Recently, as soon as I write an @, a new browser tab is opened and I lose focus on the current tab.
(“Recently”: I am not sure which update introduced this problem, but I tend to install new updates as soon as they are available, so during the last 1-3 days…?)

So I have to close the newly unintentionally opened (blank) tab and go back to the form to continue.
As I am using Brave to administer a web site and a lot of user accounts, this will force me to switch to another browser until this issue is fixed.

Other than that, I have to give credit to those working on Brave: I am very happy with the browser and its privacy functions!

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Closing this as the same has been opened on github

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