Keyboard shortcut Ctrl-u Preempts Gmail's shortcut for underlining


The Ctrl-u shortcut for displaying source code disables the Gmail shortcut for underlining during message composition.


Thanks for reporting @dpbrick,

There’s an issue logged for this here



Thanks for your reply. Yes, I searched for the issue and found your referenced posting. But that posting was over a year old, and still the problem exists. I therefore felt the old posting was stale and perhaps the developers had missed it in their priority lists.

If the developers want this Brave browser to take off, they are going to have to address problems like this more expeditiously. Otherwise people are going to yawn and simply go back to their old browsers.

This browser and the ideas behind it have a great deal of promise, but currently there are too many problems to make it a workable solution for me.

Also, the developers “say” they want feedback. But your reply tends to discourage feedback. Just because an issue has been registered doesn’t mean it is being actively worked. And all indications are that this one isn’t being worked.


Hi :wave:

First, I’m not one of the team, I’m just helping them here. :slight_smile:

  • Brave is not 1.0 yet. It still in active development and may have more bugs than other mature browsers.
  • For every issue reports in this forum, we told the team that there’s an issue by opening a GitHub issue.
  • The team noticed this and aware of any feedback and report. But in this case, this issue is seems not been assigned a priority, yet. That’s why it’s on Triage Backlog milestone.
  • They may work on it, later.
  • But, Brave also open source and welcome for any pull request for the fix.
  • For ETA, When will (any subject) happen?

Also, I think all things will be better on Brave 1.0 when they moved to Chromium front-end. Which will benefit from Chromium stability.



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