Keyboard lock api

hello, when using brave in full screen mode it doesnt relay keyboard keys to the other side. eg. alt+tab is not captured by brave but instead goes to local pc. i think this feature is called ‘keyboard lock api’. currently ONLY google chrome seems to support this feature. please can brave enable this feature. it is available in the config:brave options. u can ‘enable’ it over there, but it does nothing. it is not enabled.
use case: i am using a pikvm to control a pc remotely. the ip address of the remote pikvm is entered in browser and its control page opens in the browser. then u see remote pikvm/pc screen and go fullsscreen. but brave displays a message ‘keyboard lock is unsupported’. please enable this feature in brave, and brave will become THE BEST BROWSER there is!!!

Screenshot shows Firefox?

Clicking on various keyboard items seems to work on

Yes. sreenshot shows firefox :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. my bad. but brave gave same error a month ago. it seems the updated latest brave version has added this ability. i assure u , this api keyboard was not supported a month back. great that now its included in the latest version. Bye !!!

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