Keyboard auto pop up

The automation in keyboard pop up is tbh somewhat annoying as sometimes it’s messing up my safari auto-filled password. In general, it’s one of the things I always have to look out for. Everything else are just as good the way they are.

Can you elaborate a bit on the issue you’re having with Brave browser?

pop up keyboard anytime I touch a web page. So much more than annoying, it’s unusable. Back to Chrome for me unless ya’ll have a remedy… FTW

Suppose, you want to login to Facebook but you have the credentials saved on safari autofill so you click on passwords from where the word suggestions show up on keyboard and then select your password and the required field is auto filled. Now, here’s the problem, normally you would expect the keyboard to go away after those fields are filled like safari for example so you would touch on Login but in Brave , due to the automation the keyboard insists on appearing at this point where it’s supposed to disappear automatically. As a result, the touch is misplaced on a letter instead of on Login or sometimes you’re not sure if there was an accidental touch. So you need to double check that you actually inputted a letter in your password, delete that letter and then dismiss the keyboard and click on Login.

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