Keeps signing me out of websites when I close Brave



Everytime I close Brave it signs me out of websites. I have checked the settings and the private data settings were all off, but it still kept signing me out of websites like Reddit, Steam, Amazon, The only account it saves is google (Youtube, Gmail, etc). Any help will be appeciated, thanks.

Edit: Now google is being signed out as well when I close the browser. :frowning:


I’m having this exact same issue. Extremely annoying. Enjoying the browser as a whole but won’t stick with it until this issue is resolved. Major deal breaker. And same with me my settings are set to not removed/erase anything when i close the browser and i have it set to allow cookies.


Same issue. I’ve disabled everything that has to do with clearing browsing history, cookies, shields, etc. Keeps signing me out of everything when I close the browser. Youtube, gmail, microsoft, etc. Wasn’t having this problem until recently so I have no idea what changed.

EDIT: Ironically enough, it doesn’t seem to sign me out of this site.


Same issue here. Super annoying, especially signing me out of my google accounts (Youtube, Gmail)

Started a couple weeks ago.

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