Keeping BAT when Uphold issue


I live in France (no Gemini) and Uphold refuse to activate my account (I tried with 4 different email address, and it work with all other crypto websites that I tried)

How to do in purpose to save my BAT (and to didn’t have click on advertisements for years for nothing) ?

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Well, you cannot save bat or anything. Only way is to connect to a custodial Partner like Uphold in our case.

Could you share a screenshot please?

Also, if you’re directly trying from rewards page then I’ll suggest you try at the Uphold website directly

Sometimes there’s been issues when signing up from rewards page.


Thank you Smarty for that link. Also I had problems to use the link from the Brave start page.
Using the direct link helped me get ½ way signed up on Uphold. (Only alternative for me also).
But only ½ way, since:
1: We do not have government issued ID here.
2: Our ID cards do of course not state your date of birth, since any lost card would provide an inroad into the social security number, which in turn would make identity theft possible.
When trying to get in touch with anyone in management, we get directed to Veriff.
But that one do not accept my email, there they ask for ‘business e-mail’ but it’s the same as my private one in my case - I have directed all and everyone to communicate to one account only so that I keep track.
Way down in the process one get the following message:
“Uphold would like to confirm your identity, a process powered by Veriff.”
So it’s Veriff who do the stuff but at this point the process of signing up hit a black wall.
I am afraid to say that the promise of ‘brave rewards’ have ended up being as thin as air in the end. And the modest gains I made from being on this program for many years will now simply vanish in the same thin air when this deal expires.

Ohh. Well, I am not sure I’m from India so don’t know much about KYC / AML in the United States. I’ll tag @Saoiray to see if he can help, as he’s from the US and is very helpful on such issues.

Thank you for your answer,

I mean, that I made an account on Uphold (even 4), but it was impossible to get verified (it was “in review” for infinite time)

In purpose you understand the situation I simply copy-paste my last email to Uphold and their answer:


I created my 4th Uphold account (I need a Uphold account in purpose to transfer my Brave Browser’s BAT tokens),
and like my 3 previous Uphold accounts, my documents are “in review” for infinite time.

1 years ago, the problem was exactly the same, I sent emails and NEVER any body solved my problem nor gave me an explanation about what is going on,

I made verified accounts on different cryptocurrencies platforms, it fail only with Uphold.

and it seem Uphold support don’t care about its customers trouble.

I hope you will can solve that problem,

Kind regards;

the answer:
Hi Van,

We’re very sorry to tell you that we can no longer offer you an account. Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions as new information becomes available.

Our automated systems aren’t perfect and, if you feel that we’ve made a mistake, please contact support.

Thank you for your understanding.


Team Uphold

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Thank you Yan_tri for your reply.
I am now also in the verification stage. And see this message.
“This will be your portfolio. As soon as your verification is complete, we’ll get in touch and you can start funding your account!”
But as said above, I have my doubt they ever will verify since our ID cards are not issued by the government and got a format they cannot understand anyway.

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