Keepass password manager


I think I’d prefer Keepass to most of the other password managers you have pre-installed/listed.

In-built password managers are generally considered pretty unsafe. (You honestly might consider removing the feature in the browser to force people to choose one, unless you can demonstrate that yours is markedly more secure than chromiums)

Last pass- not open source, and if you’ve ever been on their customer support forum, they are very unresponsive and there’s a lot of discussion about “where are they?”. Plus, I hate the LP interface. If there is only one login available, it doesn’t auto-fill it into the box, you still have to click the ‘…’ and select the one, single login available. Every time I log in, I do NOT want to be taken to some weird page listed all of my logins and passes as if it’s a Netflix page. Just gimme the list. Last Pass was hacked not too long ago.

The other ones you have pre-installed or suggested- I don’t really know them, but when I researched p/w managers, those never really came up. It was LastPass and Keepass.

Keepass: Open source. Auto fills single options. It’s not super easy to use, no. But perhaps with the right installer…



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