Keep Flash Alive!

Majority of browsers plan on stopping their support for flash. I’m making this post to say that I hope Brave Browser continues to support Flash and never removes support for it. At the very least make it optional. I understand that Brave Browser works on a chromium engine. So I’m hoping that if it happens that google chrome decides to end support for flash that Brave still at least keeps the option open. Flash supports a lot of gaming and program applications on the internet including animations as well. I think the benefit of keeping flash support while other browsers disable it will drive a large community of people towards Brave Browser.

The alternatives to flash at the moment are not as effective and demand more from PC’s to use. So again I am requesting that support for flash never ends on Brave Browser and at the very least is made optional.

While I appreciate your enthusiasm, it’s not just Brave/Chrome/whatever browser implementing these changes – Adobe themselves will stop support Flash in 2020.

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