KEEP deposit brave wallet

Hello guys

Yesterday i made a transfer from my coinbase acc to brave wallet, of 4,06 Keep Token, near 3,20€ at the time send, but, in my brave wallet i only got 0,110 Keep , like 0,10 cents!

I know is now much money to care about, but well, losign 3€ just because yes i don’t want that to…

anyone can explain to me what i did wrong?

thanks in advance

Really, there isn’t much help I can provide without seeing the actual transactions (don’t post! lol for privacy and security reasons)

You should go to your Coinbase account and view the Coinbase transaction. It will show you how much you sent and the fee involved. Also, view the transaction on the blockchain (can get there by clicking the link provided in the Coinbase transaction view) and confirm the two amounts match and agree with the amount you entered to send. If they don’t, you should contact Coinbase for a resolution.

If everything is correct on the Coinbase side then I am not sure how to verify the transaction on the Brave Wallet side. I have a Brave Wallet but I don’t use it. I would probably send a DM to Mattches and Steeven. Explain your issue and ask them how to proceed. Include an email address where you can be contacted in case they pass the information along to someone.

I have never used either of the methods below to contact support, but have seen them mentioned as options in other topics.

  1. Email support staff:
  2. Submit a request

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