Kee KeePass plugin and Google accounts

Hi there,
I use Kee (Vault) plugin, hooked with Keepass to manage my passwords.
It works great, besides a specific case, but not the least: Google accounts.
When I try to connect to my Google account, retrieving my credentials from Kee, as soon as I select my account from the Kee Dropdown, It’ll validate the entry, and move me to… the lost password page, instead of the Fill password page.
So that everytime I need to connect to a Google account, I need to type it manually, or copy paste… Not convenient at all :frowning:

I tried to reset my Keepass entry. No more luck.
This issue occurs with every Google account I tried to connect with in Brave
On the other hand, all of these work great in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

So I guess this is something on Brave’s side.

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