Just to know if someone has come Up with the claim button

Since there is panic because the payments have been delayed so much, i would like to know if someone has already received their payment through the claim button

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still no claim button for me. everything was fine for the past months, i can claim my BAT tokens every 6th day of the month. idk what happened this May

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No claim button for me either, the last time I claimed at the 6th.

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Don’t worry for the claim button if you have a verified wallet already, it will be processed automatically.

Forgot to mention that apparently there was also some problems with the buttons, probably some bug.

You can see here the progress.

It’s been 2 days since they announced it

According to this statement, they should have sent the rewards since yesterday morning.

No Claim Button also for me, i just cheched my uphold wallet connected , but NO news. So please check what is the status . message addressed to Brave Support!!!

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As I said, The Claim button was removed for the moment because it were giving some bugs and troubles. It will come back once they fix that. Meanwhile, they do the process manually, your BATs should be transfered automatically to your Uphold in matter of time.

Yeah, the problem is that they’re doing it manually, and by the delays of previous months, I think it’s just a few workers making each payment being very careful of not make a mistake. And since there’s a lot of Brave Users and new ones that come every month, they take longer to do it.

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