Just something positive: Received Payment in Uphold

I know some of you still waiting for the payment issue to be solved and are very frustrated

But I can confirm, that something is about to happen!
Got my payment today. Didn´t check if it was all, but at least they work on it.

Also want to make the post to bring some positive feedback in the forum, since everyone seems to make a thread about the issues rather than interact with the others.

Have a nice weekend y´all


I have Gemini wallet and a small amount received instead of the whole payout so let’s hope everybody gets their payout @steeven

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Yes it is nice to hear good feedback! I have received my last missing payout today as well. Originally only 1/3 devices were sent out. The second device was sent out a day ago. And I had thought that was going to be it but today the last one went through!


yes, i got my pc payment yesterday…But yet to receive mobile payment.
Does it take time to process mobile payments?

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Did your mobile payment from December-January arrived?

Normally, they pay you out around the 10th of every month(unless there is a problem).

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Nope, i received my pc payment for december yesterday, but not from mobile yet.
Until december i received the payments at 9th or 10th max, but this time it is too late.

Glad to hear. :grinning:
Yeah, I thought nice feedback is good. Since people mostly use the forum, when there is an issue or complain.

Yep, that is late.
So what I would do is to check, if the payment is still processing in the Brawe Browser Tab(just in case).
Then check the forum, if there is a thread about this issue and if it is solved.
Yeah and the last step is the pain in the ass waiting a little bit longer.
Since the Devs probably get flooded with messages chances are very high your message did not get a reply.
Sorry I couldn’t help you with that.

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yep that’s true, hope they process the payments at least, doesn’t matter if its late.

Nice, indeed it is nice to hear that kind of “gives me hope” feedback ! :slight_smile:

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Hey, the payment status says complete for verified uphold wallets, but I haven’t received my mobile payment yet?

Do you use any other device apart from your phone? did you receive your payout from such a device or are you payless in general for January?

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yes, i use my pc and mobile, i received my payout from pc uptill today, including the december payout. I started using brave in mobile since december, but haven’t received payout yet.

I suggest you to wait until tomorrow, when I got my payment for PC like, 5 days ago? I received my mobile payment a day after (like 20 hours later or so). Don’t lose hope yet! I’m sure it’s just pending approval, this was a busy month, I bet we have the largest Brave Rewards userbase in the history of the browser this year.

yep, would like to wait for another day, but since the payment status says, payments completed for verified uphold wallet, i was concerned.

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