Just reporting: Somebody's trying to get/hack Brave Community accounts! Be careful, fellow users 👥

I received A subsequent SET of emails that I didn’t initiate (to reset my Community pwd), as you can clearly see here w/ the 100% zoom {imgur hosted.}.

Gmail / same img attached in Community —

Ofc, I didn’t confirm any.
(That’s 3 out of 5 I received)

I just wanna warn other Community members & Brave admins, to be careful about it. @Mattches, @rossmoody, @Aa-ron & @alex & @steeven (Sorry if I tagged the wrong person. I’m just trying to address this where supposed.) :heart:

W/ Love,


From which domain/email ID these emails came from (the sender domain not your own personal email ID).

More importantly if they are spamming your email with community forum password request, then they must have picked/stolen your email ID from somewhere and then started spamming it.
Are you getting password requests for other sites like twitter, reddit etc?

Check where they took it from https://haveibeenpwned.com/

Thank you so much for letting the Community know.