Just received my March (April First week) payout

As title said, have patience boys, you will likely* get your rewards.

The rewards should have come round 7th April but did not come for some reason. I thought I will not be getting them. I was confused as it usually said that X BAT arriving in 7 days, but the prompt was also gone, and there was no mention of the pending BAT on the brave://rewards page. Not only that but my 50% of Feb was pushed into March, then I lost* both 50% of Feb and March rewards.Saw on this forum that by next week (this week, around 15th April) they will start delivering them again. So just waited for it and then it arrived the way it normally should have.

Just got them. Had to solve the st*pid triangle captcha. Which I failed 2 times. The captcha is the most weird one I have ever seen a company use to avoid bots.

Edit:- According to brave team -

If you’re having difficulty with the new claim (captcha), the browser will automatically update and retry in a bit.

So just wait for a few minutes if you fail your first captcha.

The captcha failed me twice too, and then my BAT disappeared. They removed the Claim button.

I got the claim button but after clicking it it showed something went wrong. And now its gone again. Any idea what should i do?

Seems like they pushed a buggy patch that didn’t fix the issue. Probably in a rush to get it done before Easter, but by the looks of it, it backfired and now it might be a week more before a proper fix is deployed.

same issue. i am facing the same. i lost the claim rewards option

There is something wrong with them. They even stopped showing me ads for some reason and there’s no way of knowing too if my account is flagged or not. And now this issue that too for the 2nd time.

Same happened to me just now

If you’re having difficulty with the new claim, the browser will automatically update and retry in a bit.


I’m not receiving ads also now. Can u solve this issue pls. I posted this issue before too but there were no responses from u.

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