Just questions no trobles

just questions, no trouble

what does the brave home screen tell me. esp from top left?

(how) can i disable shields all together (not site after site)?
(i want to ‘hoard’ bats for a while ;-))

Hi @ggamauf,

Go to chrome://settings/shields - there you can edit the global Shields default settings.

Also, can I get some more context, what do you mean by:

thank you, aaron
actually, there are only two left i don’t fully understand -> https://photos.app.goo.gl/2RB4cEt1jaPNmDks5

  • HTTP upgrades

Brave have HTTPS Everywhere integrated to the browser as a part of Brave Shield. The number is showing a success attempts when Brave “upgrade” your traffics from HTTP to HTTPS whenever it’s possible – when the site support HTTPS but loaded via HTTP.

This section will be changed to “Bandwith saved” numbers.

  • Estimated Time Saved

By blocking ads and trackers by default, Brave will loaded the sites faster. And it’s showing a number of time you “saved” by blocking ads/trackers. Brave calculate how many seconds you saved to fully load a site without loading an ads/trackers. Roughly.

what might be wrong with my settings


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