Just question to get my bat .. it 0.00

I have brave browser from many months and I use it many times in my day searching and watch videos and I activated the ads … So my bat is 0.00 so how and when I have bat?

You should receive a payment on the 5th of each month for ads payouts. Can you please send me a DM with your payment ID, found on your brave://rewards-internals page?

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I have the same issue … how to resolve it ?

I am also experiencing the same issue, should I also DM you my payment ID?

No … l will try to uninstall and install it again

my brave://rewards-internals page is blank and it doesn’t contain any information:

Can you tell me why?

If you uninstalled without a verified wallet, then you will most certainly lose your BAT.
@Panoramix and @Lovo please open your own threads and include your own details and information and someone will address it thank you.

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You need to click the General information tab – in the image you’ve shared, you have selected Log.

I know what I have selected.
I meant: why are the logs empty? Nothing is logged?

Logging is disabled by default at this time and can only be enabled via flags. We’ve done this for the time being as there were security concerns surrounding the information logged here.

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