Just lost 6.5 bat, after South Africa was back on uphold

I did have 6.5 bat on token balance, but when I went int uphold, I have lost all off them, is there a way to get them back, this wass from sep till today bat tokens

It is difficult to understand for sure your problem. If you just connected your Rewards to Uphold, then it is common for your balance to go to 0. The vBAT from your browser will be reduced and processed through Brave, then sent as a direct deposit to your Uphold. Often this resolves within 24 hours.

I know South Africa had support added again yesterday. So is it safe to assume you are saying that you just linked your Rewards to Uphold and that you are referencing what I have listed above? If so, you should see it post to Uphold some time today or tomorrow.

Thank you, will see tommorow

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