Just installed Brave on MacBook Pro, and cannot import bookmarks from Safari


Hi there, I just installed Brave on my machine and I am trying to import my bookmarks from Safari and when I go through the steps, it says bookmarks imported but there is nothing imported. I have tried several times, uninstalled and reinstalled several times and still nothing. Any ideas as would really like to use Brave as default browser but cannot with out bookmarks? Thanks in advance



Hey, maybe this solves your problem:



Hi Marcel,

Thank you very much that solved the problem. Another issue I am facing is how to set that the home page should open whenever I open the browser, I have set it up in preferences but the browser always opens to its own images. I then chose another theme and it doesn’t open either.

Thanks in advance,


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Sorry, I am not able to reproduce your problem, so I can’t help you solving it. But I bet there are people in this community that can.



Thank you will go to the community



Go to Settings and scroll all the way down until at the bottom you see “On startup” and click the radio button next to “Open a specific page or set of pages.” It should look this:

Click “Add a new page” which should bring up a dialog into which you enter/paste the URL of the page you want. It should look like this:

Click Add. Test by quitting and reopening Brave. Please let us know if it works.


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Hi there,

Thank you for your suggestion. It did solve the opening issue which now always lands on the homepage. So the second part of my question is how I can change the images whenever I open a new tab. The brave default image is one of their own with all the stats on it. Can I place one of my own images instead of theirs for new pages? Thanks in advance for your help




Pretty sure the only way to change what’s shown in a new tab is to get an extension from the Chrome Store. Note that this will probably eliminate the stats and such shown on the default new tab page in addition to changing the image.

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Hi Hnk,

Thanks for this. I will look into it. I don’t need the stats really. I’ll let you know how I make out. Thanks again for your help🙏



Hi Again, Could someone please let me know which extension and how to install it so that the what opens whenever I open a new tab or window is my selected image and not the Brave default. I went to the Brave/Chrome store and selected an extension for the background but even though it shows up in my settings/theme selected it does not appear in the browser window. I am quite a newbie when comes to Brave having been a long time Safari and recently Cliqz user. Working on MacOS 10.14.3 on 2 year old MacbookPro. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. O



There are many extensions that will do this for you. Looking up any “new tab page” extension on the web store should give you plenty of options to work with.

The reason your background isn’t showing is because Brave’s NTP is overriding those particular (image) settings. You’ll need to get an app that overrides our NTP.

I’m going to close this thread now. For furture reference @OLF, if a thread you open with a particular issue is solved, please open new topics if you have additional issues rather than appending them to threads that are already solved.
Thank you.

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Hi Mattches,

Thank you for your email and information and also instructions regarding posting queries. I will follow your directions both in terms of finding the extension app and posting queries.

Thank you again.



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My pleasure! Appreciate your support!


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