Just got shunted off brave search beta

Just got “oops looks like your beta credentials are missing or expired”

submitted my email for access and received the “Thank you for your interest in Brave Search. To receive a notification that early access is ready, you will need to verify your email address.” email again.

Clicked link anyway and got a you have been added to the queue reply.

I had clicked on the weather feedback today, saying it was working well and adding some fairly benign layout suggestions vis graph labels and click through actions. I assume someone zigged when they should have zagged.

Was the expiration due to you trying to configure a 2nd system? Had you cleared cookies on the affected machine? If you want to set it up on 2nd machine they you have to click on the welcome email and get Brave to generate and send you another email for the 2nd machine to use.

No second system or browser, no manual changes to browser or OS. Just went to mow lawn, came back tried to run search as usual from address bar and no bueno, just messages as above.

Oh so Brave Search beta was working in Brave on that machine of yours before mowing the lawn and then afterwards stopped working. As it stands now I don’t see any advantage in using Brave Search over say DDG and in some cases Brave Search requires more link clicking to get to the answer/information that you are searching for vs Google at times.

Yeah, it kicked me out for whatever reason. See what the devs say on Monday, I guess.

Would have been easier to just submit a ticket and see what they say when they see it, but this is the support system so…

Ya github is the only place I get responses in a somewhat timely manner

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