Just for Fun: [Polls x3] Difference Between Arriving Notice and Received Payout Amounts

What is the difference between the Rewards"X BAT is arriving in Y days"(A) notice amount and the Received (R) payout amount.

This is a multiple choice poll for users with multiple Rewards wallets. Max 7 entries.

  • Difference between A - R is ≤0.25
  • Difference between A - R is >0.25 and ≤0.75
  • Difference between A - R is >0.75 and ≤1.00
  • Difference between A - R is >1.00
  • Arriving (A) and Received (R) Amts are exactly the same
  • Received <1.00 More than Arriving Amt
  • Received >1.00 More than Arriving Amt

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What is the total difference between all your Rewards"X BAT is arriving in Y days" (AT) notice amounts and the Received (RT) payout amounts?

Select one

  • Difference between AT - RT is ≤0.25
  • Difference between AT - RT is >0.25 and ≤0.75
  • Difference between AT - RT is >0.75 and ≤1.00
  • Difference between AT - RT is >1.00
  • Arriving and Received Totals are exactly the same
  • Received Total <1.00 More than Arriving Total
  • Received Total >1.00 More than Arriving Total

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How many Rewards wallets do you have?

Select one (all Brave versions included)

  • I have 1 - 4 Rewards wallets
  • I have 5 - 8 Rewards wallets
  • I have >8 Rewards wallets
  • I do not participate in Rewards, just looking

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@dsims New polls. Come vote! Keeping my fingers crossed I get over 18 votes. lol

Pretty sure the first one is not user friendly. You can have multiple entries for one option but can only click once. Any suggestions? Feel free to post your own poll(s) if you can think of a better way to present the options (please and thank-you!) :smiley:

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First poll already got 10 votes, quite decent. I don’t remember how my polls did, not worth remembering probably. Lol :grin:

I’m starting to think, we are making the community more of a discussion forum than a support forum. Support requests go on- https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and discussions, soft issues, workarounds etc. come here. Which is also quite nice.

Well, that first is multiple votes… I don’t think that counts!

@dsims had 18 unique votes in the poll below. Most votes I’ve ever seen in a poll! That’s my goal. lol Meet or beat. :wink: And really, not serious about that. Just having fun with a little friendly competition and kidding around. :smile: Apologies if I offend - I will tone it down from now on if it does. :smiley:

Just for Fun: May Poll - #6 by dsims

Well, good imo. The support forum only approach was not functional imo. I think most people expect, even with a support forum, a method to escalate problems which wasn’t readily apparent or available. Now it is.

I like a balanced approach in a Community forum. Makes more sense to me. I would think you would want as much community involvement as possible and not all the community is technical. Some are creative, some just like to socialize, whatever, but there really was no place for these type community members. If they wanted a Technical Support Community only, they should have called it that! lol

Of course, they have all the other avenues for community involvement - Discord, Reddit, Twitter, etc., which is probably a big job to manage but it is just part of the world we live in. Out of all the options now, I do think the Community forum is the best place to capture the feedback, feature requests, unexpected issues, unknown bugs, etc. The other avenues of community involvement just are not conducive to accumulating this type information imo.

Anyway, just my spur of the moment, random thoughts on what you posted. Please excuse if something doesn’t make sense. You can always start a discussion topic if you want to go into detail with pros and cons and whatever! Don’t know if I’m in the mood for actually using my brain though… :laughing:


Are the values absolute, or relative (percentage)?

@talgeeze Hi :slightly_smiling_face: Absolute. Wondering now if I should go add a blurb somewhere… lol

Love seeing a good poll! I casted my vote. Not a bad turnout so far!

I do like the idea of encouraging a community here and not just having it be a technical support forum to raise issues. :+1:

@dsims first poll has 18 voters… :grin:

Well, probably not gonna happen anytime soon. From listening to the last community talk (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_C_PGeDXZo), a spokesperson for Brave said


you could look at community.brave.com as more of a support forum more so than like a community building tool

So why the heck didn’t they call it a support forum! grrr I don’t do Twitter or Facebook, period. I do Youtube if I absolutely have to, like listening to the playback of the community call, but otherwise I avoid it. I rarely go to Reddit and Discord because I don’t like their formats, not enough structure.

Of course, I think the community here could definitely use a work over. Needs better organization imo and less sub-categories. Could definitely make it more user friendly. But there could be a reason Brave has it built the way it is. After all, it is a SUPPORT forum for EMPLOYEES and not a COMMUNITY forum for USERS. You know, the old whose point of view are you addressing.


but um yeah i think we like to keep uh community.brave.com is as clear from you know the community oriented stuff as possible uh just to leave more space for the support team to be able to see you know the questions coming in and not crowd not overcrowd it with our community stuff

Hogwash imo. :stuck_out_tongue:

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First, congratulations on overtaking dsims (though, I had to remove my vote there, lol). Now lemme laugh at this-


Imo, what they might be indicating is that, they don’t want the community to be a place of chit-chat or talk show. And the kind of work you guys do here is far from that and is more towards support oriented.

However a distinction between a support request on https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and a Topic on community would be appreciated.

Maybe issues concerning individuals or involving private information would go for support request and general issues like shields/sites, Brave Wallet, Rewards etc. with work-arounds, User Solutions come here.

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Agreed. I think non-support posts should be Brave related at a minimum. However, I think not promoting the Brave Community and “leaving more space for the support team” has more to do with $$s. Brave is probably paying for storage and the more users and non-support involvement, the more $$s involved. Organization of a non-support section is doable I think they just don’t want to put the additional resources ($$s) into subscription, storage, moderation, and/or whatever else is involved in expanding the Community.

Some people complain about their older posts being deleted. Suggesting Brave has a problem with the content/removing negative posts. I think removing posts probably has more to do with space limits than the content. Just look at the activity from prior years. There is a miniscule amount of posts with less than 200 views. Is that believable? That indicates to me that a lot of posts have been removed but who knows. :person_shrugging:

Guidelines would help especially if community members are still allowed to help with support topics. If I think a topic can’t be resolved within the community, I just post the form information. BUT there are still support staff posts saying to DM them with information. Those are the ones that confuse me. When to post support form and when to post to DM support staff? Murky waters there. lol

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Just surprises me they decided to call this a Community Forum instead of a Support Forum!

Exactly. Doesn’t make sense to me for sure! :smiley:

Closing these polls. New month and new payout cycle. Thank-you to all who participated! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you @Chocoholic and everybody participating!

Don’t be sad cause it’s over!
For everybody out there addicted to voting.
There’s another (yet amazing and groundbreaking) Poll out there…

check it out yo

don’t miss it :grinning:


Yes! Already cast mine. :grin:

Love your new image(s) btw. Too funny. Nice. :smiley:

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Thank you :+1: :grinning:

I created those images with “Dall-E”

I’ve been invited to work with Dall-E(text-to-image) and also GPT3(text-davinci-002)
This technology is simply mind-blowing :astonished: :exploding_head:

Have a nice day everybody!

@Murphmeister Gratz. :smiley: I’m not into creating stuff, not enough imagination, but that application does sound mind-blowing.

I do find the monotone bulldog (is that the right breed? lol) image a little unsettling though. The face is kinda scary to me but I am sure others will love it! :laughing:


That’s the point behind this technology. You don’t have to do nothing besides prompting some text.

Almost :slightly_smiling_face:, it’s an Boston Terrier.

Everything i did to create that image, was the prompt:

“A photo of Michelangelo’s sculpture of David, a Boston Terrier wearing headphones, realistic, Macro lens, Make all elements sharp”

Everything else was done by A.I.


Oooh, that’s right. Once you said it, I was like duh. lol

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