Just confused about BAT wallets and rewards: have 3 different amounts reported

Hi all, so I am just looking for understanding here.

In my CRYPTO WALLETS (brave://wallet), I have two wallets. I only need one, but I have two. The first one holds 10 BAT, that I transferred from an exchange. Great! That works.

The second wallet has nothing in it. That’s fine, I just don’t know how I created this extra wallet. Whatever.

When I click the BAT symbol in the toolbar by the address bar, it reports I have ZERO bat.

When I go to the HOME PAGE, when I first open Brave, it says I have 0.50 BAT, in the top right, via “Brave Rewards”.

What the heck is happening. I just want one wallet, from where I can receive BAT as rewards, and SEND it to Creators. Why all these different wallets and amounts. What is going on???

Thank you.

Please post screenshots, not enough details.

Hello @pgazy5,
First, you mixed up two different wallets.

Crypto Wallet brave:wallet and Brave Rewards wallet brave:rewards

Likely this one is brave:wallet

This one is brave:rewards

This one also brave:rewards showing your earning estimation from Brave Ads.

Should show the same amount in brave:rewards > Ads section

Then, you may want to look on brave:rewards.

Brave’s feature that allow you to earn BAT and support publishers/creators.

brave:wallet is Web3 wallet – similar to MetaMask – that used for DApps and similar action(s).

OK! I get the difference between rewards and ads amounts now. Thanks!! Now… is there a way to:

  1. move BAT between the wallet and the rewards
  2. see the basic wallet in the ANDROID Brave browser?

Can you elaborate more? Did you mean between crypto wallet and Rewards wallet?

What did you mean by basic wallet?

In both cases yes I mean the CRYPTO wallet.
This is the wallet where I can copy the public key, and thus send and receive funds from other wallets on the block chain.
Yes between the crypto wallet and the Rewards wallet,
and by Basic wallet, I mean the crypto wallet in the mobile browser. Does that exist? (So I can transfer BAT say from Coinbase Pro in and out of it, and from my Desktop Browswer crypto wallet in and out of it.) A wallet that access the public BAT blockchain.

OK, thanks for the confirmation.

  • Crypto wallet is not available on mobile. Only on desktop.
  • To move your BAT between your crypto wallet and Rewards wallet, you’ll need a verified Rewards wallet.

By verified Rewards wallet*, I mean you’ve Uphold account connected. Then you can send BAT from crypto wallet to Rewards wallet** and vice versa.

(*) https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034841711-What-is-a-verified-wallet-
(**) sending the BAT from crypto wallet to Rewards card in Uphold account. Balance in this Uphold card will be reflected in the connected Rewards wallet.

You may also need some ETH to cover the gas fee for transaction from crypto wallet.

OK thank you for the answer.
May I say… that this is all a very intriguing technology. But I am baffled that we cannot transfer BAT without having a verified rewards wallet. It seems the whole point of crypto is that I should, once on-rampled, be able to reward and get rewards without having to give my personal information to another service like Uphold. I mean, I’m on the blockchain, I have funds in the wallet in the browser already, why in the world do I have to get verified in order to use those funds as a tip??? Seems the whole, basic, #1 reason for BAT existing in the first place is being hampered. I love the concept but cannot fathom this.

A verified wallet is not required in order to use Brave Rewards. You can fund your rewards wallet via Brave Ads, using the BAT earned to support creators, all that without having a verified wallet.

A verified wallet only needed if you want to manage your fund more easily. You asked about “how to” and I gave the steps. :sweat_smile:

Right but if I have bought BAT on another exchange like Coinbase, and transfer it into the Metamask wallet built into Brave, my understanding is I can’t use that BAT to fund my Brave Rewards. Am I wrong?

Plus when I say “Add Funds” to my Rewards Wallet, it brings me to an Uphold page that requires me to create a username/password for Uphold. So I can’t add funds to my rewards wallet without using Uphold. Am I wrong?

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