Just a tidbit update with brave browser on my pc


Hey there,

i thought i would share this with you and developers…

i think in the recent update or 2 of firefox a couple things change with youtube video play

now before i go further i have the most recent upgrade of Firefox
Windows 10 home edition
8 gigs of ram
various windows open
including windows media player (open and currently playing as i type this)

a little while ago when i was playing my music and serching for a video to share on my site (and embed)
i noticed that after i started windows media player (opened it and started listening to music)

when i would go searching and try and play a youtube video (with windows media on pause)
Firefox and youtube would not produce sound (tried multiple videos)

now i had no issue with brave and windows media on pause while listening to a youtube video

i dont know if it might just be me, but it just started happening with firefox and youtube




Thanks! Glad to know we’re doing the right thing. :smiley:

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