Just a huge thumbs up to the Brave developers and everyone involved with the project!


I don’t know how much positive feedback you guys receive, but I’ve been using Brave for a while and it’s fantastic. I’m thrilled to be able to walk away from IE, and especially from Chrome, but most of all from FireFox. When they booted Brendan Eich over a political issue, I immediately went to Pale Moon, but that one suffers from a lot of problems.

I’m patiently waiting for some features that have already been requested, but I’ll gladly wait a lot longer. You guys have an excellent product and folks at work who see me using it are always asking what it is and how they can get it. So well done.

Thank you!


Hi, I, too, so the path passed. One in one


As soon as I saw Brendan was a founder, I was completely on-board with Brave!
Just letting you know you’ve got fans.
I’ll be spreading the word.


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