Just a few things

I have been using Advant browser for many years but lately I have decided to move on since it is constantly crashing and the author is no longer updating it. So I have been auditioning Brave browser. There are just a few things I would like to suggest.

When I click on a link on a web page the link is always opened in the background in Brave. Is there a way to change that behavior to open the link in the foreground and if there isn’t can you make that an option?

Also the back button is severely limited. It would be nice if it had a drop down menu that allowed you to go back to any number of past links say up to like 15 or so.

Last thing is can firefox extensions be loaded into Brave? There are a number of youtube extensions I would like to use but google won’t allow them on google store but they are available for firefox. Is there a way to load them?

Thanks for your time

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the team :slight_smile:

While we do not currently have this option configurable as a setting, this can be achieved by ctrl + clicking the link (cmd for macOS).

If you click and hold the back arrow on any tab with history, a drop-down should appear as you describe:

Unfortunately no, this is not possible as far as I know. Firefox and chromium leverage separate APIs and are not compatible by nature. It certainly may be possible to add this functionality.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if I can further assist you.

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