June BAT's Value Difference

I would like to know why this tremendous difference in the values ​​of my BAT’s in June. These differences have occurred since May.

Thank you for your attention

June has seen a decline in the number of ads, likely due to the current crypto market and economic conditions around the world. Companies have to save funds.

The numbers of ads also depend on the region and on how you use your browser.
Just giving some examples.

  • Feature images (new tabs) have seen a decline in the ad limit per day. Most campaigns have now a 10 ad limit against a 20 ad limit in the past
  • Push notifications are much less than in the past
  • However, ads embedded in Brave News seem to have increased

So, if you used to rely solely on opening new tabs, you are getting basically around half than in previous months.
If you did not pay attention to any of the other ads and you were simply getting push notifications, you are now getting much less ads.
If you never paid attention to brave News, maybe it is time to start looking at them. Scroll down until you see an ad. They are identified by a small icon “Ad” in the top right corner of the badge. You can customise the news to watch those sites you are interested in.

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