June BAT payout progress

I am keeping track of my BAT rewards payout.

I took a screenshot of my earnings a couple days ago. I saw it climbed to 11+ BAT by midnight on the 30th

the second screenshot is what my status looks like now. No indication of payout (yet?)

for the past 4 months i have had nothing but trouble with BAT rewards where the BAT would disappear into thin air and i would not be payed unless i raise my voice and contact technical support.

I suspected that June could be the same story hence the early screenshot for proof.

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11 BAT now shows pending.

i guess i will wait 7 days and see if 11 BAT comes through

it feels like its fixed now for me. i earned 10.595 which 5 BAT is mostly carried over last few months ago. So i earned almost 5 BAT over the month. Now the payout will be 10.420 in 7 days. I’m skeptical if it comes through once the time period is up. Since in the last few months it comes through brave rewards but gets slightly decreased and always gets round off. For example, if you got 5.525 you will only got 5.500 BAT

I get again only half of the earned bat

same mine may rewareds also disparred thin air i asked for help there is no reply ither


Status Update.
Awaiting funds

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that’s better than me, I was supposed to get 18 BAT, but I’m only getting 0.999 BAT

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