Jumps around, freezes trying to log in to bank on drop down info

Such a good browser in so many ways, far less adverts etc, but let down by daily problems, always early in a morning like now. Facebook and others jump all over the place, won’t sty on article you’re reading. Tried to log in to Lloyds Bank this morning, got to the drop down boxes for memorable info and it froze every time. That is particularly worrying, having already input user number and password, you start wondering whether you’re being scammed. I’ll just give up on it, if it continues like this. Clearly not enough money or resources going into creating a stable platform.

Does changing Shields settings (in the url bar) fix any issues?

No, and apologies for delay in replying. It does eventually work, just freezes at drop down section. Works fine on Chrome at same time. Thanks for reply.

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