Jumps and freezes of the web pages

Hello, I bring here a problem that persists after several updates and is not fixed.

When browsing the web pages, jumps, cuts and freezes occur that make the browsing experience very bad.At times it is unusable.

Important data:

Xiaomi MI9T PRO Global Version (MI)
Android 10
Brave version: 1.7.0, GitHub.

Can someone please address this issue?

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Would you be willing to share a short recording of the behavior as it’s displayed on your end?

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@Mattches I’m trying. When I want to upload the recording made with the Miui screen recording app, here it tells me that it is an unsupported file. but in reality it is MP4. I will see what is happening.

Try uploading the recording to imgur.com and pasting the link here on Community.

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@Mattches Here you have a capture that seems to be not so serious the problem but really at times it becomes annoying and almost unusable.

In the last month I changed the phone (the new one has Android 10) and in the previous one it also happened (Android 8) which leads me to rule out that it is a terminal problem.

I don’t know why it is but I need you to address the issue urgently because I can’t use it that way.

If you need more information and can help, do not hesitate to consult it. thanks.

I’m not entirely sure I see the issue you’re describing – the page seems to render and scroll just fine?

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@Mattches Nerd . The problem is that it moves with jumps and small freezes. They are constant and make you lose.

Understands? Something shows in the video. I don’t know how to write the problem better. But it really is there.

Can you compare the behavior to the way its shown in Chrome or other browsers?

@Mattches I have already tried it. Example Samsung Internet Browser is the one that does it best for me. Excellent smoothness to move. Opera Browser beta also works correctly (except very isolated ovations). Kiwi Browser also does great, without any problem.

Then I tried other browsers in this last time of less relevance for my taste. Example: Ho Browser incredibly works great, too. Firefox preview has some breaks for me. Yandex works great. And finally Bromite Browser is not working well, almost like Brave, many cuts and jumps.

Haha Sorry, I have tried many in recent times. That’s why I like Brave, or mad that I always try to return to Brave. Pro I need you to improve this aspect.

Does it occur on other sites? I just tested https://m.lacaptil.com.ar/ on Android and IOS and it seemed okay

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