JSON data is not expected (New Wallet Creation)

Nope, not at all…even after sriram’s pretty good explanation. Ha. Still confused and don’t remember creating any PW for a “Brave Wallet”, but do/did for Uphold that is linked as a “Rewards Wallet”, apparently.

I do see a “Brave Wallet (prefer extensions)” in Settings, so guessing that’s what the system is seeing when I go to setup the new Crypto Wallet and it says I have an “existing crypto wallet detected.”. If I can’t transfer BAT from Uphold to the new Crypto Wallet, guess I’m in no hurry to set one up, as I’d ultimately like to get rid of Uphold and have fewer accounts/wallets/etc. Will wait for more clarity…


Yes Uphold is a bit of nightmare for lots of reasons - particularly the fees! I recently swapped my BAT for XRP and transferred it out very cheaply.


Surprisingly, the error disappeared now and I am able to access the wallet. Thanks!


Will check that on Monday. I hope it’s fixed!

This YouTube video will show why you see this error and it shows you how to set up brave wallet.

That vid doesn’t say anything about this error, it just shows how to setup a completely new wallet.

What did you do differently?

For me, the problem is not fixed yet as I still get the “JSON data is not expected” message when entering the password of the wallet that I already have.

We’re working on some fixes for that JSON data is not expected error. But if you’d rather you can restore via seed phrase and bypass the importer in the meantime.

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