Joystream-like capibility for Webtorrent


the people at Joystream has already made a proof of concept of “pay to seed”, and Brave could learn from that by combining BTC or BAT with WebTorrent to achieve the same results.


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Hi @dontsang I can’t remember where I read it but I remember reading there is a client that is in the process of development or that someone should develop a service which contributes peers for their efforts, was it the same one?

I really like the idea of Joystream but are you suggesting that developer of Webtorrent should just add this contributing feature as an additional feature because I think it will be better if they just integrate Joystream’s feature instead.

Development in torrent clients take much longer than any other kind of software from what I’ve noticed and I think we can safely say that torrent clients are not very profitable unless they excessively accept ad-revenue and if you’re not aware already the main Webtorrent client is being developed from Patreon contributions and rightly so.

I state the reasoning for an easy transition because the development of the project is more so reliant on the brilliant developer receiving generous contribution for his efforts and I once quite some time ago requested that encryption even though it isn’t a proper kind encryption should be added to the client and it hasn’t been added yet and your suggestion seems more unlikely :frowning:

However given that they’re both based on JavaScript, it should be an easy transition right?

Do you also have Github or Reddit account where you can ask if this is a possibility because I’d happily jump on the band wagon for this feature?


I’d argue though that Brave’s BAT feature mechanism through Uphold for paying peers employs a greater level of anonymity and would be more seamless if activated through Brave.

One excellent factor of this would be that the client providers won’t really feel the need to ask for donations on their website for this brilliant project because I’m sure tens of thousands of users would happily contribute to the project owners on every download.

I haven’t used it yet but do they have a feature where you can divest a percentage to the project owners and how are they currently funding the project?


I don’t know if they will accept the idea, but it would be great if they do.
They have a reddit (
They also have a telegram (


Found it See also

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