Jobs at Brave page is empty

I’m currently looking for a job and strongly prefer to work for a FOSS related company, so decided to look at Brave’s careers page but it doesn’t seem to work. I only see the “Brave is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace” message. Broken page?

Hi @anon48508159,

I’m able to see the page correctly with default shields settings.

Can you provide more info that mentioned here? Like Brave version, example sites, screenshot of the issue, etc.

This kind of info should be provided when you try to create a new thread. Providing more info will really help with support and troubleshooting. :slight_smile:

@eljuno I was in the middle of filling in the template when I found it out. I have a Pi-Hole DNS server+filter on my local network which I use, and that was filtering out the request to the Greenhouse domain. You can delete my post if you want.