Jira Image Previews Broken in Brave Beta

Description of the issue: Image previews in Jira cannot be loaded in Brave Beta and instead show “Preview unavailable”. This issue does not affect the Release version of Brave Browser.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open any Jira ticket with images embedded in the ticket body or in a comment
  2. Observe that where the image previews should appear, “Preview unavailable” is present instead.
  3. Click on the unavailable image preview and observe that the same issue occurs in the image viewer.

Expected result: Image preview is visible and there is no “Preview unavailable” message.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.66.90

Additional Information: I started experiencing this issue 2-3 weeks ago. Prior to that, this was not an issue in Brave Beta. The current Brave Release does not have this issue. I turned off shields and cleared the site data in Brave Beta but the issue persists.


Same problem here. Since 2-3 weeks ago Brave Beta stopped generating thumbails/previews when visiting Confluence at atlassian.net

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Hi, I confirm the same behavior, this is a serious “breaker” since we use JIRA for our test case product scenarios. Can someone from Brave support team look into this urgently please?


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I’m experiencing this too, and as much as I love Brave it’s a potential showstopper for me. Jira has to work in my primary browser. The non-beta Brave doesn’t seem to have this issue so I guess I’ll switch to that for now.

The ability to sync all my settings and extensions between the beta and release versions is a lifesaver here, so big kudos for that.