Jaxx.io Extension Request


Jaxx.io is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet extension for making payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, Z.Cash and others.

Jaxx Wallet Extension Request
MetaMask.io Extension Request

Hi @bitmate can I ask, with the exception of the type of crypto currencies of choice, what do you think the main differences are between your suggestion and https://www.exodus.io/


@Numpty jaxx is canadian, which is just better.
Seriously, unless they haven’t updated their website lately, jaxx has mobile apps as well as desktop.
(truthfully, they look VERY similar and have the same functionality, but it seems Canada wins gold for the mobile apps)


I wish they’d just collaborate, I mean they don’t really have that many employees already so it would be better for them just to collaborate. They both look good and have similar if not identical principals, which is is taxing on the intellect. Do you know what I mean?

@bitmate could you perhaps edit the tile to ‘Jaxx.io & Exodus.io Request’ in the hope that they look at this and then read this bit and then join as partners.

I’ve just though of a killer idea. A website which compares, contrasts and insists on collaboration for such companies and products for a greater security product.


The Jaxx.io wallet is owned and managed by Decentral.ca who have a full time team and many advisors across the blockchain space. They have been around for 4 years and have been engaged with the community throughout development. It is based on KryptoKit which was around for even longer before it.

Jaxx.io have cross platform desktop apps, browser extensions and are working on hardware last I heard. They also have mobile apps for Android and iOS and according to their blog have been working closely with the Apple team to ensure they could run certain cryptocurrencies through their App Store. They were also one of the first to create HD wallets for Ethereum.

In truth I haven’t tested or looked into Exodus too deeply before today so I can’t comment fairly on them but Jaxx and Decentral have proven themselves to deliver an easy to use and reliable wallet on the whole that keeps on growing.

You may notice I also recommended MetaMask.io in another thread and may wonder why the duplication of potential Ethereum wallets. However they are different from both Exodus and Jaxx in that they enable interactions with web3 smart contracts inside your browser which differs significantly from standard wallet functionality and is probably best in a sandboxed environment at any early stage vs the cross-currency wallets discussed here.


Full disclosure: I’m a Jaxx,io (ios) user and I love it…in fact I helped someone set up a wallet on Tuesday, and recommended it to another person last night because it’s wonderfully functional and dead easy…nothing but a great experience as a user is what I’m trying to say.


Jaxx currently works extremely well on iOS, OSX, Windows, and as a Chrome plugin. They also support Linux and Android plus a Firefox plugin, none of which I’ve used.

In addition to the big Cryptos (BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, DASH, ZEC), they are actively working on implementing many Ethereum based tokens… REP is already functional, GNO and GNT are being tested and more on the horizon. They have integrated the Shapeshift Exchange directly into Jaxx so you can trade tokens without even copy/pasting any addresses!!

To me offering a Jaxx plugin is a no brainer with the upcoming BAT token.


@bitmate @heysoundude @blandermania check out their response to a redditer if you’ll allow me to put it like that, it honestly is quite disgusting if you’ll further allow me to say so and I have to completely agree with the points he makes. I’m considering creating a profile to add additional comments as well -


From what I can tell in a cursory perusal of that subreddit, issues have been resolved. There was also an article about security suggesting that no app is secure on a machine that has been compromised, and by the time you can tell, it’s too late.
I know this is an important subject to you, @Numpty, but if you’re doing your best to encrypt and anonymize, you’re probably as secure as anyone can get, and if you have funds in a Jaxx wallet, they’re probably as secure as fiat in a brick and mortar bank. That’s about as good as it can get, as far as I can see it, without being driven insane trying to remember yet another password or key phrase or…you know? Nothing can be perfect, just as we can never achieve an ideal. We can strive for it and come very close, but…


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