Javascript not working on websites

Hi all, I need a little help here as I can’t figure it out, I’ve tried everything (I think) I’ve seen online with no luck.

Block scripts is toggled off, JS is allowed in site and Shield settings. I’ve reinstalled the browser twice already but I can’t use it daily cause of this JS error.

Windows 10, Brave v 1.20.110

Thanks in advance

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Hi @megaloopy, Welcome to Community!
Can you give some example sites where you’re having this issue?
Have you tried disabling Shields completely?
Do you have any extensions installed?

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All of them, even some of the ads that braves encourages me to click on don’t work correctly

Yes tried no shields at all, still nothing.

I have a few but not many extensions, nothing that I can see it affecting it, I’ll double check

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Well, I feel like half a dummy, weird thing, and my apologies in advance for not have gona through ALL my extensions before posting; when you mentioned extensions I went back and looked and uninstalled adblocker, that didn’t do it, and although I had NoScripts (Chrome extension) disabled it wasn’t until now when I completely removed it that everything started working again as normal.



Glad to hear @megaloopy