Java & google traslate

Why java stops and what the is GOOGLEtranslate doing in my computer???

@Wanmac can you provide more info about your issue?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, and sorry. I’m from Finland and my english is’t that good. Tryed to make java working, but it’s allways in adressframe and telling that these site needs java…i try in settings, and i don’t get it working rigth. And where that extension game to me, fucking google translate…?

I’m still not sure about your issue.

see How to get rid of Download Google Translate popup


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Thank you. At least got gt off. Reason why i join this community, 'cos google ain’t my stuff.

Are you referring to Javascript? If so, you may be blocking it in Shields. If you’re encountering an issue with a site where it’s saying you need to run Javascript to view/navigate the site, open your Shields panel in the address bar and ensure that Javascript is not blocked.

If Javascript is not blocked, the option in your panel should look like this:

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