January Payout still not received & Missing

Hello ! I am super sad right now :frowning:
I didn’t received my 10 bat January payout.

It was showing on the screen that I have earned 10 BAT on 1st February and I will get it on 8th March. But now nothing is showing on my Brave BAT balance screen.
I have not linked any custodial account.

Raise a ticket at

Welcome to Brave, where you watch ads sot that the corporation behind this can seize your crypto.

there are major changes happening and one of them is the complete removal of virtual BAT or vBATs up until April. That’s why u wont see anymore ads and the payout system is unavailable. their usual notification here is already gone.
if your unverified, connect it on Uphold or Gemini. if your in unsupported region you dont have any option but to connect or lose all those BATs u saved until April. it will be refreshed to zero and your only option is to donate it on brave creators.

When is vBAT going away?

At the earliest, vBAT will go away sometime in April 2023. However, we want to ensure users have time to adjust to this change, so we will share more exact dates soon. With 1.48.x, existing users without a custodial account connected will receive a final vBAT payout for any February earnings in March.

Somehow Brave did not do as promised. No January rewards were received. No claim button shown.

I don’t think so. The payments are still in progress. If it was so, I think they would’ve deleted the unverified part in the status update post as well.

That’s exactly the problem. They launched 1.48 before the payments were complete.

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Well, kinda yea. That could be interfering lol

Hey, just got mine like right now in unverified rewards profile. It’s taking a tad longer than usual I guess. It hasn’t come to my Gemini yet thoug.

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hi , i am also having the same problem . did u get any update?

The payments for All have completed ( I got mine ). If you still haven’t received in your Uphold / Gemini / Not connected profile, raise a ticket at

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