JANUARY fully reward not arrived in my account

I was supposed to receive 5.351 BAT as my January reward, but I only received 0.82 BAT in my Gemini account. The Brave Rewards card says ‘congratulations, your January rewards have successfully arrived.’ What is going on? Is this a scam? @Mattches
I am attaching my reward payment id

Rewards payment ID

Please delete the rewards id. There’s been scams so don’t want it falling in wrong hands.

Please raise a ticket at

After raising a ticket please share the ticket number you get on your email you provide. If a team member sees this post it might expedite the troubleshooting.

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no one respond their i have raised a ticket 1 week ago but no one replies me

Do you have a ticket number? I’ll DM you for it. Thanks

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Done bro check your DM thanks

Conversation moved to DMs