January BAT reward

Admins please help me retrieve my reward because until today i didn’t receive my January reward


Julius Baltar


@FACLeyteTeam If you hadn’t seen it, please read Still no payout? read this before posting and them make sure you send DM to Mattches and/or Steeven with the necessary information.

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yes sir still didn’t receive my payout for the month of January please help me thanks

As article says, you must message them with your Wallet Info and description. They are only 2 people handling thousands of requests. So time for them to respond and investigate may be a while. Right now that is the only way to get help.

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I have the same issue with my december and january rewards!

@FACLeyteTeam Changes to Brave Ads Regional Availability

Dear Brave Community,

Because of recent increases in fraudulent activity in certain regions, effective January 14, 2022, Brave users based in Vietnam and the Philippines will no longer be eligible to connect a custodial wallet (e.g. a wallet from Gemini or Uphold) to receive their Brave Ads earnings. Brave users in those regions can still participate in Brave Ads and can continue to contribute their earnings to their favorite creators.

As always, Brave users can continue to use the browser freely anywhere worldwide.

Thank you.

And again, I told you to message @steeven or @Mattches . I saw you commented here with information that you needed to send to them. If you never sent, they would not get back to you. But if that truly is still in effect and you’re in the Philippines, then that explains why you did not get it. You can contact them to verify, but again, you need to send them a private message (direct message) with your Wallet Info and everything…NOT post here.

Please send me your wallet payment ID, found on your brave://rewards-internals page.

Thank you.