January and February Rewards Disappeared

BAT will not increase in March, what is the problem?

Please help @steeven or @Mattches

Sadly I link you like me and many others are just being left behind. I not received this month either and i was told to contact trough DMs but its been days now with 0 response.

January Rewards disappeared too?

It’s been a long time since anyone can help?

BAT will not increase in March, what is the problem

Problem for a long time, please help

if you haven’t already you should dm either @steeven or @Mattches, include the info from your first post.

I have sent a letter to the official staff, but it has not been processed for several months. Officials only care about them, they don’t care if you get the benefit or not

they responded when I had issues, it can take some time as there aren’t many staff members. politeness and patience work wonders.

@steeven or @Mattches

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