I've still not received any BAT on Uphold wallet

Yes its already fully verified.

This its the map what im talking about

The progress was almost done, and yesterday it dissapear.

@johnlennon12 can you PM me the email address tied to your account?

I don’t see any active channels linked to the account tied to your Community account.

I sent my email to your private message box.

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@Asad @eljuno please don’t be quite :((
I have worked very hard and I deserve to be paid for it.

Any news for this issues?

I am not getting any ad payouts. Its been at least 3 months now. I sent an email as indicated but did not even get an acknowledgement

The browser’s ok. Looks like the rewards system is broken

I can help you withdraw the BAT’s. I’ll guide you on how to link your verified uphold account to brave publisher account and get your tokens on next payout date. Text me at: (501) 386-1785

Do you have verified uphold account?

I cannot transfer my bat either. My Uphold is fully verified. I contacted them and they said its not on there end and to contact Brave support. Everytime I try all it does is take me uphold and I log in and nothing. Plus I still get Uh Oh message brave server not working. Man this is getting pretty old fast. I have left numerous posts on here with NO HELP AT ALL!!!

Hey @johnlennon12 – I can see that you do not have a verified Uphold account connected to your Creators account.

Completing ALL levels of Uphold KYC and linking it to your Creators account before the 1st of the month is required in order to qualify for that month’s payout.

Please verify + link your Uphold account ASAP and you should get paid out in March :slight_smile:

  • please check the email I have message for you ( thanh****fcmu@gmail.com) not the email via this Brave Community account ( fat*****62@gmail.com)

my uphold wallet is verified and connected and yet BRAVE says its not. Also when i added the file to my website in the well-known folder it shows on my dashboard as being there but when i go to my site it says that i have not configured my payments or something and cant accept payments from visitors. what is going on here?

I have and it still says im not fully verified but i am. what is wrong with this entire system. it has never worked. thee is always some problem with UpHold. I think BRAVE should work with someone else. maybe Coinbase or Trust Wallet?